Family Update!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long while since my last blog, so I wanted to give you all an update on things going on. First off, for those who don’t already know, I’m 6 months pregnant with our 5th baby girl! Baby is looking great! She is strong and a cute little munchkin. I cannot wait to meet her face to face, and to hold her in my arms!

The doctor informed me that I have an anterior positioned placenta which could cause some issues (placenta previa), but not to worry because it’s usually fine (but prayers are always welcome). Her anatomy looks wonderful, and we are only 13 weeks away from her due date. I can’t believe it’s been 27 weeks! Wow, this is the last 3 months! 3rd trimester, baby!

One other thing to keep in your prayers is that the doctor is concerned this little one will come too early based on my past two earlier births. I have to go in for monitoring sooner than later, but I’m really not too concerned. God is in control! But prayers there would be awesome!  Here is a bumpie!

The girls are growing up way too fast! Eden is already 6 and has lost 3 teeth, Faith is 4, and Bree just turned 3, while little River is still the baby! But even she is so flippin’ big! Here they all are…

This was on Mother’s Day… Andrew had them all bring me a single rose! 🌹 Love his shirt! 

The girls love walking with their Papa! I love this pic of the girls and Nana!

These were all taken on our vacation in Monterey with Andrew’s parents! It was so fun!

On a deeper note, God has been really working on my heart these past months. We’ve had crisis after crisis, and with each one we have heard God’s still small voice. For example … Today I had a bit of a…let’s call it “a moment.” I was crying out to God for guidance, and broke down in tears from the overwhelming weight of the world. All of the Kids were outside playing, and of course one walks in right when I was crying. She never sees me cry. She looked at me confused and asked, “Momma, are you crying? Mommas don’t cry, babies cry.” First off… OUCH! Second, boy do I need to watch what I say, because that sure came back to bite me in the butt! I explained to her that just like she cries when she is sad or scared, mommas can cry for the same reasons. I told her that some things can scare momma just like she gets scared. She looked at me with her beautiful loving baby blues and said, “it’ okay, Momma. You can stay with God!” In other words, she was telling me God was with me.

Her words hit me so hard! Whenever she gets scared at night of “monsters” we tell that she doesn’t have to be scared because God is with her, and that He chases away ALL the monsters, so she is always safe with Him. We teach her that all she has to do is call on the name of Jesus, and He will always be there. My little 4 year old ministered to me in such a hard time in a way that could only have been the Holy Spirit. And I know it was no coincidence that God chose the child “Faith” to do the talking. Here is a picture of little Faith and me… 

God is so real, and He cares so much about us every minute of every day! In every circumstance He has a plan forus. I know that whatever comes our way, He can and will take it. The load never has to be too heavy for us to bear, as long as we will, as Sam Wise the Brave so wisely suggested to Frodo,  “share the load!” Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference. I couldn’t help myself.


One thing I hope is that people would not read this post and worry about us, because there is no need to worry!!! We could ALWAYS use prayer, but no need to worry! We go through hard times like every other family does, and we are blessed beyond measure! I just thought with all the fluffy positive Facebook posts that we tend to put up (nothing wrong with that!) it was also important to post something that would show our humanity and the need for Jesus Christ. Whenever God puts us in a scary situation it’s only to show us His POWER and his GRACE through His DELIVERANCE!


Speaking of Deliverance… Andrew has been working so hard! God has been leading him step by step in the development of this game. It’s really amazing to see it all come together. It’s shocking to see this game put together the way it is when it seems like just yesterday it consisted of chicken scratch on note cards, and spare parts and Pawns from pandemic! It’s beautiful! And it’s so fun to play! God has truly anointed the artists (Dan Maynard and Adam Glass) as well as Andrew in the game design and mechanics. I’m so proud of my husband. He is such a good man, and I could not ask for a better father for my girls and husband for myself! He has been constantly pointing me to God, and he has worked so hard to provide for our family. I am blessed beyond belief! He has so much that he is working on all at once while being a great father and loving husband. I praise Jesus so much for him! Here are some pictures of him with the game and some awesome guys that offered to help at the BoardGameGeek convention in Texas!


And on that mushy note I think it’s time to end it here! Please continue to keep us in your prayers! You are all such amazing blessings to our family! We love you so much!