Why I Get My Panties In A Bundle

I chose this picture of me and Eden because it is pretty awesome to see the miracle of life!

I chose this picture of me and Eden because it is pretty awesome to see the miracle of life!

I thought it was important to explain why I get so “passionate” about being pro-life. Sometimes I think that I get a little too abrasive with others on the subject, but that is only because my heart really breaks with the reality of knowing how many abortions are being performed on a daily basis.

I think it’s important to clarify that though I defend so hard the Child’s right for life, it does not mean that I do not care about the mother. The medical industry is lying to these mothers by telling them that the child is not a human life, but rather just a fetus.  The truth is that the fetus, is a child. In fact, “fetus” means “young child,” in Latin.  So by all means, call the child a fetus, but please understand the meaning of that word. People need to hear the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear.

My heart truly breaks for the mothers who have been either forced to or decided to have an abortion(s). I have no ill-will against those who have had abortions. My prayer is that God brings them healing and redemption in the truth that if they (the mother) know Jesus, they WILL see their child again in heaven. God’s forgiveness is bigger than any mistake you could ever make!!! My post is not to pour guilt on the women who have made this mistake, but to prevent other women from making the same.

We need to be a voice for the voiceless. These children need someone to standup for them! So many are willing to speak out against them. How sad is that? These children have no way of pleading their case! Since when is it okay to end one life based on another’s circumstances?

I hear all the time, “what if the mom was raped?What if the baby had a small chance of survival and the mom was bleeding out?” Well let me answer that question with another. What if your heart was failing, and the only way to live would be to kill and take the heart of your little sister, niece, or nephew who also was very ill.  Oh yeah, one more factor. They don’t want to die. All you have to do is take a gun to their head. What now? Would you do it? OF COURSE NOT. So what makes their lives any more valuable than that little baby who isn’t able to voice their opinion? So let’s not remain silent, but rather speak the truth for them…in LOVE. And keep in mind, sometimes love hurts. Let’s spread it anyways.