Loving the Madness

My Crazy Life

It’s been so long since my last blog post that I felt it’s time to update everyone! As most of you already know, we are pregnant with our 4th child. Can someone say, “crazy!” That we are. We are so excited to meet this little bundle. We are not finding out whether it’s a boy or girl, so the the anticipation is really getting to us. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling it already. Baby is the size of a carrot (10 1/2 in. Long).

Baby Lowen ūüėĄ

Awe, carrots… Just one of the many healthy items that I have no intention of eating during this pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing my best to eat right, but dude… if someone feeds me carrots then they may need to seek protection from the government from this crazy pregnant lady. Don’t mess with my food, yo. Poor Andrew knows the truth of this statement. He has suffered the wrath of this Titan.

Anyways…. sorry for the tangent. Life has been busy to say the least. With being 21 weeks pregnant, and 3 little princesses running around causing all sorts of chaos around the house, trying to keep myself in shape, ¬†along with a husband that is out more than full time working on our business, and is also committed to competing and staying in shape for Jiu Jitsu, there is very little room for sanity for this momma. The truth is, I definitely lose it once in a while and become the iconic Dragon Lady, but I love ¬†my life! It’s messy, sticky, full of tears, giggles, poops, screaming, hair brushings (I actually love these), bows, tea parties, and lots and lots of love and such joy!

That said… I lose my mind lol. It’s only by God’s amazing grace that I am not in the looney bin. ¬†Instead, I’m having the funnest time with my crazy kids and awesome hubby. I see how blessed I am, and realize how silly my frustrations of the dirty laundry and my semi unshaven legs are… TMI? Sorry. Just saying, priorities change when you have this many chidlers.

Yes… they do get baths…

I’ve been struggling here and there with my image, and I know that is normal for almost every woman… especially pregnant ones! My husband is such a stud, and it’s tough to see him get more and more shredded as I grow bigger and bigger… he is such a hunk! But he is a good man, and God truly blessed me with someone who can take all my craziness and insecurities. I praise the Lord that He foresaw what I would need in my life for a man, then gave me everything I needed and more in Andrew. I know that we have our moments like every married couple does, but I couldn’t ask for a better partner and best friend… and body guard. He won 2 gold medals at his last Jiu Jitsu tournament! And I’m so proud of how he looked to God for guidance and strength the entire time. Pretty cool. Pretty, pretty cool.

Their whole team rocked it thanks to God, the awesome coaches (one of which is my big bro Ryan Grandon, the one pointing his fingers to God) and an awesome gym full of great training partners. So cool to see them work so hard, pray even harder then reap the benefits!

So on top of myself being preggers, my sister and best friend, Jessie is about to have her third beautiful daughter, and my third beautiful goddaughter!!!!! ¬†I’m so excited! She is just as gorgeous as ever! I couldn’t be prouder of this woman and her awesome hubby, aka my bro dogg. They are the best parents!

Life has been crazy! But only in the best ways. Thank you all for reading! Love you guys!