Mother’s Day Madness

As most all of you already know, we had our little baby Bree last Saturday! This little angel is amazing.  She is so cuddly, calm and happy. She even giggles in her sleep! Here are some pictures of our growing family…

image image image image image

Three is quite a bunch, even with Andrew’s help. I absolutely love it though! My girls are such blessings. My heart feels so full. Though I am running low on sleep and sanity, their little smiles make every lost brain cell so worth it. This crazy mama wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m so excited! Tomorrow we are getting family photos! God is so funny. Here I was thinking Mothers Day was about being spoiled and served as a Mother… I was SOOO wrong!!! I love serving my babies, and though I have been treated so sweetly by my hubby and the kiddos, as a mother, serving never ends.

Eden got into black oil paint. She painted the dog, her bed, her face and body.

image image

This is me removing the rest from her feet.  As I set up to clean her feet with oil and salt, I remember how Jesus, the King of Heaven and earth, gladly washed His disciples feet. I feel horrible for feeling so entitled when God Himself sacrificed everything for me. What an honor it is to serve my little ones, and a great opportunity to teach them what it means to love and serve one another. It was actually very fun tickling her to Oblivion (as you can see). It reminded me that “…’it is more blessed to give than to receive.'” (Acts 20:35). I needed the reminder.

Oh, and Andrew was reminded as well! He was charged with washing Lala… Lol!

image That Leg is usually white. A half bottle of olive oil, a ton of salt, and some dishwashing soap should do the trick!


Over all its been quite the eventful day! A crazy day, but a very blessed one. I hope all of you mommies have had a wonderful Mothers Day! God bless you!